Stellenbosch Municipality – Unemployed Persons Database

The municipality’s database, developed by Umoya Software, currently manages thousands of people looking for employment in the Stellenbosch municipal area. This is also linked to the government’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), established in order to provide short term employment

One of the challenges faced by the various municipal departments and private companies that use the database for sourcing people is that the contact details are not always current. This leads to frustration when trying to resources a project and half the cell numbers contacted are not answered, or are cancelled.

The latest update, released last month, now automatically sends a text message every 3 months to each unemployed person to confirm their contact details. They can do this by phoning the call desk. Should they not respond within a predetermined period their record is archived and they wont appear on the employment lists during database searches. Should they make contact later they are easily re-instated, once again appearing on the search lists.

Umoya Software is in discussions with the municipality to introduce automatic confirmations by allowing the recipient of the sms to simply reply to confirm details. The system will do the rest, thereby saving significant time and call desk work.

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