Servers Down – Not a Problem!

It is the 17th July 2015. In the early hours of the morning our Support Desk received an email from a client who uses Umoya Software’s FireWeb system 24/7.

‘Good Morning

There’s a problem with our uniti fire web system, it shows a error message for example: the requested URL could not be retrieved Connection to failed. The internet is still working but we can’t  log into Fireweb.’

We immediately tested the connection and found we could not even ping the server, nor could we access the server from our MWEB control panel. In fact, the control panel indicated we had no servers.

You can imagine what went through our minds: ‘was it only our servers’ and if so, ‘did the accounts section forget to pay the invoice’, ‘is this an MWEB system failure’, etc. We tried MWEB support but no one was answering.

As soon as we realised that there was nothing we could do in the absence of information from MWEB we activated our Disaster Recovery Plan. As a matter of course we have our client’s training sites at a different physical location with another hosting service provider. We downloaded the latest backup from the evening before and within a short space of time the client was advised that they could continue responding to fire and emergency incidents on the FireWeb system.

As this article is being written, the MWEB servers are still not accessible, but this is not a concern to our client. They are fully operational.

Update: 36 hours later our MWEB VM is still not accessible.

In the end we cancelled our contract with MWEB.

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