SA Disaster Management Review

Disaster management in the country is being reviewed, as government admits that, in many instances, especially in sector departments and local municipalities, little or no organisational capacity for disaster management exists.’ (News24 – 2015.08.21)

Umoya Software offers a Disaster Management software application, uniti. This system was designed not only to ensure a one ‘click’ communication during an incident but have all the contact lists and groups available for the various needs during a disaster. The Compliance module provides an interactive checklist with full reporting on the organisations compliance with the Act. Try this module at no cost. See below.

The Risk & Hazard Assessment module allows for identifying, assessing, rating and plotting the various risks and hazards on maps which can be integrated into standard GIS. The PerCEI (Personal Evaluation) Module assists with the assessment of the competencies of the people involved in disaster management in the organisation. It provides for an on-line 360 degree assessment by peers, subordinates and managers. A very Basic Project Management module is integrated with the above to assist with the corrective actions identified in any of the other modules.

‘Ngema said to help bolster the country’s disaster preparation, disaster management centres would be established in each municipality.’ (News24 – 2015.08.21)

uniti provides the full list of disaster management functions the government admits are necessary for our country.

You can also read the complete article on News24 here: News24

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