Progistics – an Integrated Approach

Progistics – a perfect blend of Programme Management and Logistics for medium and large installation projects.

Progistics has been deployed by CREBUS Pty Ltd for managing the installation of the South African Department of Energy’s subsidised solar geysers in both rural and city environs.

Progistics combines elements of both Programme Management and Logistics Management to form a blend that is not usually found in the marketplace. On the one hand the system looks down the hierarchy from the various Programmes being managed with their various Projects as well as the Project offices (including material  and equipment stores) that serve each Project. It tracks the process workflows from the identification and registering of sites to the installation of the products as well as the installation inspections and the final sign-off by the client. All documentation is scanned and uploaded into the system (including photos) and integrated with each installation site record. A virtual record is kept for every installation.

Logistically, a stores management module is fully integrated and manages the the ordering, tracking, storage and issuing of all equipment/products to be installed. It even manages the re-order points as the stock depletes. It allows for warranty management and, being integrated, the warranty of each installation is a couple of ‘Clicks’ away. Short deliveries from suppliers and returns are both handled with ease and outstanding orders are workflow managed.

The system is set up to send automatic, or action triggered, sms’ and emails as required.

For further information please contact CREBUS Pty Ltd in the person of Ferdie Mocke at 012 664 3192, or, Alternatively contact us at Umoya Software.