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WildFire – a Systems Approach to Fighting Fires

WildFire, a national fire fighting product developed in partnership with the national Working on Fire Programme, is fully operational during the Western Cape fire season after an in-depth live testing during the  Northern provinces 2012 fire season.

WildFire has been developed to integrate all the wild fire operations in South Africa and to keep national records of all wild fire incidents, in line with the relevant Acts of Parliament.


It provides integrated communications functionality across fire fighting agencies, using voice, social networking, sms and emails. It manages a live Occurrence Book which allows users to track multiple incidents simultaneously and dispatchers are able to record incidents as they unfold. These incidents are plotted on maps, allowing for later analysis of fire risk areas. A live satellite feed plots fires on Wild Fire’s overview map as they appear. Modules in the system manage the deployment of staff in shifts using the roster system.

The use of aircraft, teams and vehicles can be managed with the aid of the system and where applicable, the billing module can charge out for services rendered. Resource status reports are produced from the system allowing the decision makers an overview of the status of the organisation.

Who is using WildFire? 

There are currently a number of dispatch centres around Southern Africa using the WildFire application. Please see the below interactive map for more information.


Visit the WildFire Website →