The uniti application is a communication integration, tracking and reporting system (with basic knowledge management attributes) that has been developed and tested for the disaster management environment nationally, particularly during the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. It is currently used by FFA throughout South Africa for managing the seasonal wildfires as well as various fire stations for managing their dispatch and reporting of fires.

The uniti philosophy takes a systemic (holistic) view of systems and is based on the premise that a system implementation is successful when approximately 70% of the effort is focused on the people, 20% on processes and procedures and 10% on technical/software issues. Therefore, uniti’s effectiveness is based on its approach to training and change management, the development of compatible business or operational processes and procedures and, finally, the technical quality of its software application. uniti is a hosted application and its architecture allows it to be deployed rapidly while its development approach allows for rapid customisation to meet a Client’s needs.