Company Profile.

Umoya Software (Pty) Ltd. had its beginnings in Umoya Networks (Pty) Ltd., a licensed I-ECNS (Independent Electronic Communications Network Service) Provider. The decision to form Umoya Software was taken in order to focus attention on its growing software development business and in December 2010 it was constituted as a separate company with its own board.

Furthermore, as a company, we have taken a strong position on ethical behaviour and we are a member of Unashamedly Ethical, an NPO working with individuals and organisations, large and small, private and government, to promote ethical business practices.

Our Philosophy

We believe in being engaged with the Client right through the process of development and operational use of our systems.

We strongly believe in the system of systems approach which means that the application we license or develop is not a complete system in its own right but that it only becomes an effective system when integrated and supported by numerous other systems. These include the IT systems that our applications run on, the network systems, the training that is required, the organisational systems that ensure correct application, the culture of the organisation, amongst many others.

For any system to be effective, it must be integrated into these complementary and supplementary systems. We give ample attention to these systems and build it into our development and deployment methodologies.

Using a systemic approach we design intuitive, simple solutions for clients, in order for them to meet their complex challenges.

Our track record.

Our track record is carried over from the work done while part of Umoya Networks. The first of our current products, our innovative unified communications and disaster management software (uniti) was used by the National Disaster Management Centre during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. Currently it is deployed to the Waterberg and Cape Winelands District Municipalities.

A specialist product, FireWeb (Fire & Rescue) is currently deployed at the Breede Valley District Municipality, the Eden District Municipality as well as Cape Winelands Fire Services. Progistics, our integrated Programme management and Logistics system, facilitates managing the installation of solar geysers as part of the government’s drive to reduce electricity consumption while another of our applications provides the tracking and communication for CREBUS Pty Ltd as they assist emerging farmers secure loans and receive mentoring on behalf of the Land Bank. The Environmental Law Consultancy has commissioned Umoya Software to develop and application for the managing of legal compliance for companies.

Umoya Networks, our sister company specialises in education management software, curriculum content and the hardware to support it. View More.